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Ambitious musical goes down a storm
Tuesday 22nd October, 2013 - Lincoln Theatre Royal
When I heard that CAODS — the County Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society — was going to put on the hit musical, Singin’ In The Rain, I thought it was rather an ambitious task.

I needn’t have worried after watching the opening night on Tuesday at Lincoln Theatre Royal.

With dynamic choreography by Jo Dewberry, of Norwell, the sensational show captures the audience’s hearts and imagination, taking us back to a time of Hollywood glamour and the beginning of talkies.

Jo plays the up-and-coming singing star Kathy Seldon, and excels in You Are My Lucky Star and Would You. She is a pure natural at singing and dancing.

She is joined by Christian Norton as leading man Don Lockwood and Ian Ganderton as his side-kick Cosmo Brown. The pair work well together in Fit As A Fiddle and the hilarious Moses.

All three get to shine in the energetic tap dance number, Good Morning.

Ian gets a lovely solo spot with the comical song, Make ‘Em Laugh. During the number he pulled his hamstring but carried on like a real trouper.

Of course, Christian steals the show with the iconic Singin’ In The Rain routine. It really does rain on stage with Christian being absolutely drenched by the end.

Chloe Swindell is excellent as leading lady Lina Lamont, who has a hideous squeaky voice. Her rendition of What’s Wrong With Me is hilarious.

Others worthy of note are Rachel Mitchell as vocal coach Miss Dinsmore, Phil Healing as the male diction coach, Kindall Goble as the head of the studio, R. F. Simpson, Andrew Wydrzynski as Rosco Dexter and Brent Grantham-Rae who gets to sing Beautiful Girls.

The energetic cast put a lot of enthusiasm into the technical show.

Director Dave Taylor deserves a pat on the back as does musical director Brady Mould, who uses drummer John-Joe Gaskin and reed player Jenna Matthew, of Newark, and reed player Chris Barber, of Coddington.

Although the show finished at 10.30pm it will get quicker. You can catch it until November 9 — DAB.
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