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Hospital farce keeps it all in the family
Tuesday 6th November, 2012 - Grange Hall, Radcliffe
Hospital farce keeps it all in the family
It Runs In The Family
Under doctors orders are left to right, Phil Hawyes, Jon Jones, Val Petty and David Darby, with Alan Haydock seated.
Ray Cooney’s farce, It Runs In The Family, has plenty of double entendres, cross-dressing and mistaken identities galore and is the latest offering from Radcliffe Drama Group.

The comedy takes place in a hospital doctors’ common room just before Christmas where Dr Mortimore is putting his final touches to the address he is about to give to a neurologists’ convention.

This could earn him a knighthood but are the odds stacked against him? All hell breaks loose and things go from bad to worse.

In bursts an old flame, hotly pursued by her son, who is being chased by the police. Impersonations and rehearsals for the hospital pantomime all make this a frantic farce.

Directed by Sue Terry it stars Jon Jones as Dr David Mortimore, Phil Hawyes as Dr Mike Connolly, David Darby as Dr Hubert Bonney, Val Petty as Matron, and Stan Harbidge as Sir Willoughby Drake.

Sarah Taylor is Jane Tate, Sian Barnard is Rosemary Mortimore, Tom Spencer is Leslie, Leah O’Regan is Sister, Bill Sylvester is a Police Sergeant, Alan Haydock is Bill, and Annette Ayres is Mother.

The farce will be staged in Radcliffe’s Grange Hall from Tuesday to a week on Saturday at 7.30pm. Tickets are available from the National Dry Cleaners in Radcliffe, Christine Harbidge on 0115 9332906, via the website www.radcliffe- or at the door.
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