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Howard Jones to play stripped-back set at Palace Theatre
Sunday 19th March, 2017 - Palace Theatre, Newark
Howard Jones to play stripped-back set at Palace Theatre
Howard Jones
Howard Jones will play at the Palace Theatre, Newark, on March 19.
One of the best-known pioneers of 1980s electro-pop, Howard Jones, is leaving the synthesizers behind to give his hits a new sound when he comes to the Palace Theatre.

The gig, on Sunday, March 19, will just be Howard, a piano, his songs, and plenty of stories.

“Once a year I like to do a more acoustic show, just focusing on the songs and all the stories behind them,” Howard said.

“I really enjoy these concerts — they are more intimate and introvert. They show a different side to me that people don’t usually get to see at shows and festivals.”

Howard started playing the piano at the age of seven and with bands at 14 before eventually hitting upon the idea of a one-man electronic band

He signed his first record deal, aged 28, in 1983 and had his first hit just a few months later with New Song.

He went on to have a string of hits, including Like To Get To Know You Well, What Is Love, Pearl In The Shell and Hide And Seek, which he sang at Live Aid in 1985.

Those songs will be included at his Palace date, but he is also giving fans the chance to hear lesser known numbers.

“I change it up every show. This time I have asked the fans to tell me, if they are coming to the concert, what song they would particularly like me to play and why. I will have a hat at the side of me and will pull them out and tell that story.

“I have added that idea to create more closeness between me and my audiences, which is something I really want to do.”

Despite being in the music industry for more than 30 years, Howard has no intention of stopping.

Howard was talking to the Advertiser after returning from Los Angeles in the US where he played for 7,000 fans.

He enjoyed huge success in the States and will return there for more performances after his UK dates.

“I have always toured and it gets better and better as the years go by. I love what I do and I am enjoying it more than ever.

“I suppose I feel really content now about what I am doing. After all this time it is really a lot more enjoyable now. There is less pressure than there used to be.

“I can’t believe after all this time I am still able to do this, and people still love the music, which is great.

“I always enjoy going out and meeting the fans. You should never forget they put you where you are and you should always keep them entertained.

“It is about them and that philosophy has paid off over the years and I am so fortunate to still have people come out to see me after all this time.”

Howard will be supported in Newark by American singer-songwriter Rachael Sage.

The multi-instrumentalist cites Howard as one of her favourite artists and a big influence on her songwriting.

Although based in New York, Rachael is now spending more time in England, where her latest album, Choreographic, was released late last year.

Irish music stars The Fureys have been selling-out concerts across the globe for more than 40 years.

They return to the Palace a week today, at 7.30pm, with another night of Irish music, songs and stories.

It includes their timeless classics such as When You Were Sweet Sixteen, I Will Love You, The Green Fields Of France, The Old Man, Red Rose Café, From Clare To Here, Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway, Leaving Nancy.

There will also be songs from their latest album, The Times They Are A Changing.

Also returning to the Palace is the rock ‘n’ roll variety show That’ll Be The Day.

It will combine comedy with hits from the 1950s to the 1970s at the venue a week tomorrow.
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