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Looking for ghosts who go bump in the night
Thursday 28th March, 2013 - Newark Castle grounds
Looking for ghosts who go bump in the night
Ravenwood Manor
ONE of the many gory characters that live within Ravenwood Manor.
Anyone who visits Newark Castle over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend is sure of a scary surprise.

The historic ruins and grounds are being turned into Ravenwood Manor for four nights.

This is a live action, scare attraction experience combining multiple scare actors, special effects, lights, sounds and theatrical illusion.

Creative director Gary Crompton said: “Since its construction the fictional Ravenwood Manor has been plagued with stories of ghosts, the supernatural, satanic cults and paranormal experiences.

“No one over the course of the building’s history has stayed at the property for more than a few months and most leave before they have finished unpacking their belongings.

“The building has stood empty far longer than it has been occupied and a plaque still sits above the grand fireplace offering the sum of £100 for ‘any gentleman that dares stay the night at Ravenwood‘.”

Gary said the fictional manor was bought in 2011 by the Dominions Corporation to set up a paranormal hub where scientists could study the alleged phenomena first hand, document any evidence they collected and try to capture the impossible on camera.

He said: “Now, this Easter, it’s your turn to experience the otherworldly phenomena for yourself. The Dominions Corporation has decided to open up the property so people can take a tour of the building. You can speak to the scientists who work there, take part in paranormal experiments and walk the deserted corridors to see if anything can or will happen. What could possibly go wrong?

“We require brave families and thrill-seeking teens to take a tour of the property. The aim is to see if ghosts exist and if they will interact with you.”

Ravenwood Manor is a walk-through, horror-themed scare attraction experience, designed to create panic and fear.

Gary said: “Using multiple live actors, detailed sets, special effects, lighting, sounds and psychological fear Ravenwood Manor will take you to the brink of madness and into a whole different level of horror.”

The attraction is open a week today until Sunday from 6pm to 10pm. Tickets are £5 a person.
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