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Thriller's comic twist
Monday 4th August, 2014 - Theatre Royal, Nottingham
A group of actors find themselves at the centre of a real-life drama in the second instalment of the classic thriller season in Nottingham.

The Shadow Of The Ghost, at the Theatre Royal, aptly follows a successful production of The Ghost Train.

It centres around an amateur dramatic group’s dress rehearsal for a production of The Ghost Train. It isn’t going well thanks to cast members not turning up and those forgetting their cues.

The situation is not helped by a number of strange occurrences on stage. Could the resident theatre ghost be responsible?

The situation gets a whole lot worse when the cast and director find themselves kept hostage at gun-point by a stranger.

Last week’s play was all about the suspense. This week, the focus is more on comedy, although there are still plenty of moments to make you jump.

The majority of the cast who took roles in The Ghost Train played the same roles in the amateur production.

Michael Strobel has some great comedy touches as Ron, as does Jeremy Lloyd Thomas as dentist Cliff, Sarah Wynne Kordas as Sarah, his lover, and Jacqueline Gilbride as his wife, Stella.

But, for me, the stand-out performer is Alan Magor as Barrie, the easily-scared, highly-strung young actor.

Also strong was Andrew Ryan, who was worringly good as the unhinged Jack Taylor, and Susan Earnshaw as the eccentric Margery Smith.

The comedy thriller, directed by Nicholas Briggs, is written by Chris Ponka and Nicolas Ridley (son of Ghost Train writer Arnold Ridley) who were in the audience to see Monday’s performance. I am sure they would have been impressed.

The thriller season continues with Fatal Encounter — SH.
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