$3,000 pet is home in UK
2:36pm Thu Jun 20, 2013
A dog rescued from a sanctuary in South Korea is settling in with its new family thanks to the success of an online campaign.
HAPPY homecoming: Thom Smalley and Flash with left, Mr Richard Smalley and Lola, and right, Mrs Carol Smalley.
HAPPY homecoming: Thom Smalley and Flash with left, Mr Richard Smalley and Lola, and right, Mrs Carol Smalley.
Thom Smalley, 26, raised more than $3,000 Canadian dollars to bring his beloved pet dog, Flash, over to the UK so it could have a permanent home with his parents, Mr and Mrs Richard Smalley, of Weston.

Flash was dropped off at a railway station in Seoul ahead a five-day journey to Weston via Frankfurt and Heathrow Airport.

He was flown by pet handling company, The First Class Pet, after having a microchip fitted, injections, and a blood test.

Flash was rescued from someone who kept 125 dogs in an oil factory.

He then spent four years living in a cage at Busan Abandoned Pets’ Sanctuary.

It was there that Thom and his girlfriend, Tess Marie Garneau, saw the dog and took him for walks.

The couple adopted Flash and launched an online campaign to raise enough money to send the dog to the UK.

Mr Richard Smalley said: “It’s amazing. He seems to have settled in with our other dog, Lola, very well.

Thom said: “We can’t believe it all went so smoothly and he is here and that he made it without a hitch.

“I always expected red tape to get in the way.”

Flash did not spend any time in quarantine because he was vaccinated before flying over.

The $3,060 raised was spent on Flash’s medical and transportation fees. A remaining $260 will be given to the sanctuary.

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