Angels to light a path from the minster
2:00pm Sat Dec 15, 2012
A host of angels created in workshops organised by Southwell Town Council is set to lead this year’s Christmas lantern parade today.
CREATING angel lanterns in a workshop at The Old Court House, Southwell, are Hannah Gardener, 10, left, and Martha White, 10. (081212TM4-3)
CREATING angel lanterns in a workshop at The Old Court House, Southwell, are Hannah Gardener, 10, left, and Martha White, 10. (081212TM4-3)
Adults and children attended workshops at the Old Court House, to create lanterns, which will lead the parade from Southwell Minster through War Memorial Recreation Ground to The Minster School.

The council’s tourism and events manager, Mrs Honor Dunkley, said there would be around 35 angels at the front of the parade.

She said: “This is the first year I have invited anyone who has made a lantern to meet me to lead the parade.

“We are hoping that everyone who has got old lanterns from previous years will bring them along, or anyone who has a lantern of their own, so they can join the parade too and be part of something really big in Southwell.”

Mrs Dunkley said the workshops proved more popular with adults this year, as well as attracting families.

She said: “Lanterns of all different types of angels came into being and people really seemed to enjoy themselves.”

Mrs Dunkley said the lantern parade would follow a route down Bishops Drive and along the former cross sites path to the Minster School.

She said Bishops Drive would be decorated with lights by the town council and students from The Minster School were decorating the cross sites path with large angels made in workshops at the school.

Mrs Dunkley said: “It will be difficult to top last year with the costumes that we had but this year it will be different again.”

Before the parade sets off there will be juggling performances with illuminated batons by pupils from The Minster School in the grounds of the minster.

Following the parade there will be a Christmas market at the school with music provided by the school’s jazz band and brass ensemble, who will play carols.

The parade will begin from the minster at 5pm. Those who have made angel lanterns should meet Mrs Dunkley at the west gate to the minster’s grounds at 4.45pm.

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