Barbican slot for art display
10:00am Sat Jan 19, 2013
An exhibition by a retired art teacher is receiving a favourable response from visitors to London’s Barbican Library.
Retired art teacher Mr Arthur Baglee with some of his work.
Retired art teacher Mr Arthur Baglee with some of his work.
Mr Arthur Baglee, of Winthorpe, who paints still-life and landscapes, launched the exhibition with a private showing for family, friends and guests of the Barbican.

Mr Baglee, 65, is known in Newark for painting scenery and props for Newark Academy’s annual stage productions, and says pupils have become accustomed to seeing him working behind the scenes.

Up to 30,000 people are expected to see the Barbican Library exhibition, which runs until January 30.

“When I saw that the first person to enter the private viewing was Martha Kearney, the Radio 4 newsreader and journalist, I had a feeling the exhibition would turn out to be a success, and so far I have been delighted by the response of the public,” Mr Baglee said.

He said there had already been expressions of interest in his paintings and he had received commissions as a result of the exhibition.

The exhibition is in the foyer of the library, which is one of the biggest in London.

“Everyone going in will have to go past the exhibition to get into the Barbican,” Mr Baglee said.

“Not all of them will look, obviously, but even if only 1% look it’s still a significant number of people.”

Mr Baglee, who has been described by an art critic as the finest still-life painter in the north of England, applied to exhibit his work at the Barbican Library two years ago.

He has exhibited in France, Holland, and Germany, and has held two exhibitions in aid of the Langford Church Restoration Fund.

Mr Baglee was born in Cumbria and trained at Carlisle and Edinburgh colleges of art before spending 30 years teaching in art schools.

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