Carpark plan for former allotments
5:00pm Wed Feb 27, 2013
A carpark could be built on the contaminated former allotments and skatepark in Bingham.
Mr John Stockwood, chairman of the town council’s recreational and cemetery committee, said its proximity to the railway station made it an ideal location.

The allotments and skatepark were closed in 2007 after the land was found to be contaminated with chemicals including arsenic, cyanide and lead.

Mr Stockwood said it was the council’s responsibility to find a use for the land and creating a carpark was one of the proposals.

“We cannot get away from the fact it is contaminated and it is a burden on the council,” he said.

“There is never going to be a way of uncontaminating it. It is going to be contaminated for decades.

“It is a problem and councillors will have to face it at some point in the future.

“It is the responsibility of the council to come up with a solution for a new use.

“Various people have called for carparks over the years — not just in the town council — but we just don’t have any other big pieces of land we can turn into a carpark.”

A town councillor, Mr Alan Harvey, said the council should look at all options when considering what to do with the site.

He called for the council to carry out another inspection before any work takes place because contamination could shift.

The chairman of the policy and resources committee, Mr Francis Purdue-Horan, said: “Unless we choose to go to great expense to decontaminate the site, or if we were to leave it as it is, the only option is to tar it over as a carpark.”

Mr Stockwood said the council could also build a road between an access road proposed as part of the Tesco development and the existing Butt Field access road.

That would bridge a stream between the Butt Field access road and Tesco’s proposed access road.

“There is the potential to move forward with the idea,” he said

He said the council would need the permission of The Crown Estate to cross the bridleway. The road would also cross the stream next to the bridleway.

He said he had asked an architect how much capping the carpark off would cost but was told it would depend on its use.

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