Court hears rail worker was not on site when colleague was hit by train
8:37pm Mon Jan 18, 2016
A rail worker in charge of safety was not present when a colleague was struck by a train, a court has heard.
Mr John Wright, from Doncaster, was hit by the train just outside Newark Northgate Station at about 11.34am on January 22, 2014.

The Office Of Rail and Road is prosecuting rail worker Mr David Millward who was the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) on the day in question.

Mr Millward, 56, of St Wilfrid’s Road in Doncaster, has pleaded not guilty to failing to discharge a duty contrary to sections 33 of the Health and Safety Act 1974.

Mr David Travers, prosecuting at Nottingham Crown Court, said Mr Millward only gave a short briefing to Mr Wright who was lookout on the day and another colleague, who was testing the tracks using ultrasonic equipment.

This happened, Mr Travers said, while they drove to the site at Northgate Station.

It is claimed that Mr Millward stayed in the van while both workers went out on site.

Mr Travers said: "John Wright was injured a short time after going on site.

"Mr Millward should have been there from the start.

“The co-workers should not have been doing their work while the COSS was in the van.

"He failed in his tasks and he failed in his duty."

Mr Travers said both workers were seen by the approaching train driver, who sounded the horn.

They both raised their hands to show the driver they had seen him.

They walked away from the line to safety. After 10 seconds the train passed a D73 signal but 14 seconds after passing the signal, Mr Wright turned his back on the train and started walking towards the station.

Mr Wright raised his arm again but crossed the line and the driver applied the emergency break. Shortly afterwards, the train hit Mr Wright. He suffered serious injuries and died in hospital nine days later.

The court heard that workers were supposed to face towards any oncoming trains at all times.

In his original statement in July 2014, Mr Travers said, Mr Millward claimed he was onsite but returned to the van to get some paperwork. However, he later admitted he was not on site.

The jury were shown footage from a camera which was inside the train.

The trial continues.


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