Mad Max creations help to win an Oscar
12:22pm Fri Mar 04, 2016
Paul Jeacock at his home in Radcliffe. The costume design for Mad Max can be seen (right), while the mask for the main villain is seen in its early stages (bottom left).
Paul Jeacock at his home in Radcliffe. The costume design for Mad Max can be seen (right), while the mask for the main villain is seen in its early stages (bottom left).
A concept artist whose costume designs helped to win an Oscar said he was still trying to get his head round his success.
Mr Paul Jeacock, 53, worked on many of the costumes and props for Mad Max: Fury Road from his home studio in Radcliffe.

The film’s costume design team won the Academy Award for best costume design just two weeks after picking up a Bafta.

Mr Jeacock, who has lived in Radcliffe for 18 years, created many of the costumes for the title, including the mask for the film’s main villain, Immortan Joe.

The award was collected at the glittering Oscars ceremony on Sunday night by Jenny Beavan, the award-winning costume designer, who led the team.

Mr Jeacock said he never expected to be recognised at the Academy Awards for his work.

“I just love it when I get a great script,” he said.

“That’s what gets me fired up.

“Never once did I think I would win an Oscar.

“I’m trying to get my head around it all because it’s gone way bigger than I expected.”

Mr Jeacock has previously designed and created costumes and props for Nottingham-based games company Games Workshop and filmmaker Jim Henson.

'The reception from people I know has been lovely'

Since working in costume design he has worked on titles such as Nutcracker, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, and Skellig.

“The reception from people I know has been lovely,” he said.

“Jenny is proud of the whole costume design team.”

Mr Jeacock said he wasn’t able to watch the Oscars ceremony as he had a prior commitment. He said his phone did not stop ringing once the win was announced.

“I don’t know how to top this,” he said.

“I will wait for the scripts and see if there’s anything amazing. There might be plans for another Mad Max.”

Mr Jeacock, who was brought up in the Meadows, Nottingham, said he was inspired while growing up by his grandfather, who was an artist.

“I was always sat in his studio watching him and I loved it,” he said.

“He always encouraged me to try my hand.”

Best costume design was one of six Oscars won by the Mad Max: Fury Road team. The film had ten nominations in total.

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