Driver's near miss
11:46am Tue Feb 01, 2011
A Balderton woman narrowly escaped being crushed by a lorry that toppled over on a village road.
Jade Davis, 20, of Coging Close, was driving through Kilvington on Monday morning when the refuse lorry toppled over on to her side of the road as the two vehicles approached each other from opposite directions.

"I came around a bend to see the back of the lorry swinging out which took the rest of the lorry with it," she said.

"If I had been a couple of seconds earlier, I would have been underneath it."

Although the lorry clipped the front of Miss Davis's car pushing her backwards, both she and the driver were unharmed.

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Posted on 6:33pm Tue Feb 01, 2011

By scrubs

Those refuse lorries drive too fast along these roads and it was only a matter of time when for an incident to happen.

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Posted on 10:51pm Wed Feb 02, 2011

By vg1

It looks like a really tight bend for a lorry to be travelling down that. Judging from the video it was going at quite a speed!

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Posted on 4:18pm Fri Feb 04, 2011


Jade is a very lucky lady to escape without injury.

Will the driver be prosecuted?

When will Richard Jackson deliver on his promise to get these lorries off our country lanes.


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Posted on 6:02pm Tue Feb 08, 2011

By marcus

about time to make that road more suitable for lorries...

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Posted on 9:55pm Tue Feb 08, 2011

By tipping

they need to widen the road, ban lorries? Enjoy going back to living in a cave so.

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Posted on 10:36pm Thu Feb 10, 2011

By Vic

Please explain why the Lorry Driver should be prosecuted? He did nothing wrong other than do his job , it was an accident .

The woman WAS NOT hurt the lorry driver was but you failed to have mentioned that .

The road is too narrow for lorries.

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Posted on 8:50pm Sat Sep 29, 2012

By happycow

Lorry drivers please take care on country roads life is so precious from ex hgv driver

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