Neglected sheepdog nursed back to health needs surgery on hips
4:00am Wed Feb 18, 2015
Karen Grundy with a healthy-looking sheepdog Charlie
Karen Grundy with a healthy-looking sheepdog Charlie
An appeal has been launched to ensure a puppy that was nursed back to health after being badly neglected can have the surgery it needs to correct a hip problem.
Charlie pictured in a neglected state, at the dog pound
Charlie pictured in a neglected state, at the dog pound
Charlie, an old English sheepdog, was taken to a dog pound when he was nine-months-old. He was underweight, covered in fleas, and had worms, kennel cough and a chest infection.

The Old English Sheepdog Rescue and Welfare became involved in helping Charlie and he is now being looked after by Karen Grundy, of Besthorpe, who fosters dogs until a new home can be found.

Charlie has been with Karen for three months. He has put on weight and is doing well.

Karen said it became clear that Charlie had something wrong with his back left leg and it was first thought he had a knee problem.

“When he walks he takes a couple of steps and then hops,” she said.

“He repeats this continuously but it doesn’t seem to stop him doing anything normal puppies do.

“Despite everything he has been through he is the most friendly, affectionate little dog and so willing to please.”

An orthopaedic vet found that the problem is in his back hips. The femoral head pops out of the hip socket as Charlie walks. When he hops it goes back into place, but he needs surgery to correct the problem.

Treatment is needed on both his rear hips and will cost £2,000 to £5,000 per hip depending on the type of surgery. An appeal launched last week through the rescue and welfare group’s website has so far raised more than £1,000.

It is planned to take him to Crufts on March 6 where the group will have an information stand and hold a collection.

Karen said: “We would desperately like Charlie to have this surgery so he can have a good life after such a poor start.”

Anyone wanting to donate can do so online at The Old English Sheepdog Rescue And Welfare website.

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