Newark Festival gets £60,000 budget for 2015 - despite some criticism of this year's event
12:05pm Thu Aug 14, 2014
The Human League headlined on Saturday at this year's Newark Festival
The Human League headlined on Saturday at this year's Newark Festival
A budget of £60,000 has been approved for a Newark Festival in 2015 - despite criticism of this year’s event.
The town council’s finance and general purposes committee accepted a recommendation from its environment and leisure committee to approve the budget.

A report from the town clerk, Mr Alan Mellor, said an early decision would give sufficient time to plan the event, book artists, and promote and market the festival in a timelier manner.

He said it would also give a better opportunity to get potential sponsors.

The event was organised by the Liz Hobbs Group, based in Newark, which has told the council it is willing to organise it again.

A financial loss was made on this year’s event, which will be borne by the group.

Mr David Payne said it was unacceptable that there were not enough lavatories and long queues for the bar at the Saturday concert headlined by The Human League.

He also criticised the decision to introduce a two-for-one ticket nearer to the festival date.

“As this is an annual event that was a catastrophic decision,” he said.

The leader of the council, Mrs Gill Dawn, said the decision was not taken by the town council and Mr Mellor had not known about it until it happened.

“This must not happen again,” she said.

“What we have established is that there must be more participation from the council.”

Mr Mellor said the practice of discounted tickets was used for other festivals, but the issue needed to be addressed.

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