Newark MP to attend inauguration of Donald Trump as US president
4:00pm Wed Jan 11, 2017
Donald Trump (photograph courtesy of Gage Skidmore) and Robert Jenrick.
Donald Trump (photograph courtesy of Gage Skidmore) and Robert Jenrick.
The MP for Newark is likely to be the only elected UK Member of Parliament to be at the inauguration of the new US president, Donald Trump.
Mr Robert Jenrick has an interest in US politics after spending a year studying political science at the University of Pennsylvania.

He has worked in New York and married a New Yorker — Michal, mother of their three children.

Mr Jenrick will be in the US meeting members of the Trump administration to encourage a free trade agreement between the two nations, and that coincides with the inauguration.

His invitation to attend came through the British Embassy in Washington, and he described the prospect as fascinating.

“No other MP or minister is attending as far as I am aware,” Mr Jenrick said.

“It isn’t the sort of occasion a minister would ordinarily attend.

“Perhaps for many in the UK Donald Trump wouldn’t be their first choice for president but he has been elected and we have to work with his administration.

“The special bilateral relationship between the two nations has existed for 100 years.”

'We are at a key juncture in trying to build bridges'

The inauguration of Mr Trump as 45th president of the United States will be held on the West Front of the United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC.

It will mark the start of a four-year term of his presidency.

The presidential oath of office will be administered to Mr Trump by Chief Justice John Roberts.

The inauguration ceremony will be followed by a parade on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Among those Mr Jenrick is scheduled to meet in the US is Robert Lighthizer, a critic of China’s trade practices, who Mr Trump has appointed as his chief trade negotiator.

“I hope to persuade Mr Lighthizer that the UK should be at the front of the queue for a free trade deal rather than at the back of it as President Obama threatened on the eve of the (Brexit) referendum,” Mr Jenrick said.

“We are at a key juncture in trying to build bridges with the Trump administration.”

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