Parade route lit by angels
9:00am Mon Dec 17, 2012
A host of angels lit up Southwell as hundreds of children paraded through the town carrying homemade lanterns.
Children from around the area made angel lanterns using willow frames, tissue paper and festive trimmings at the annual parade, was organised by the town council.

Around 1,000 people gathered at the minster before parading along Bishop’s Drive and the cross sites path to The Minster School.

The parade was led by eight-year-old Tobias Beaumont and his sisters, Elise, 5, and Tansy, 3, of Vicarage Road, Southwell.

Tobias, a pupil at Lowe’s Wong Junior School, made an angel out of foil wrapped around willow branches from the park next to the minster. It was decorated with fairy lights.

Christmas music played and angel lanterns lit the way as hundreds of children followed the parade carrying mini-lanterns and glow sticks.

Mrs Sue Wood and her children Ethan, 8, Anna, 10, and Lawrence, 6, who made their lanterns at a workshop, were at the parade for the first time.

“We were very excited about making lanterns,” said Mrs Wood. “They started making them at the workshop and then covered them in decorations this week.”

There were stalls and refreshments at the school. Pupil Toby Nadal held a raffle to raise more than £900 for the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Young Enterprise Group, Vici, sold wine glasses with bases made from blackboard paint.

Mrs Honor Dunkley, the events co-ordinator, said it was a good community event that brought children together.

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