Parking charges to pay for repairs
2:05pm Wed Nov 14, 2012
A charging regime for a Southwell carpark is set to be implemented at the end of the month.
The scheme is being introduced at Saracen’s Head carpark by its owner Greene King in conjunction with Southwell Methodist Church and the town council.

It hopes the move will improve parking and raise money to repair the carpark, which is blighted by potholes.

Charges will be the same as those in King Street and Church Street carparks, run by Newark and Sherwood District Council, where parking is free for the first two hours.

At a meeting of Southwell Safer Neighbourhood Group, town council chairman Mrs Beryl Prentice said the charges were being implemented to prevent people parking in the carpark all day.

She said: “When this comes in there might be more on-street parking causing obstructions and there might be more aggravated people driving round the town because it will cause issues.”

Mr John Smith, the group’s co-ordinator, asked if traders had made arrangements to use the carpark for longer during the day without being fined.

Mrs Prentice said the only group with special arrangements was the Methodist church.

Mrs Penny Rainbow, a town councillor, said it was a good opportunity to promote the two carparks owned by the town council, which offered unlimited free parking.

She said: “We have got the carparks on Bishops Drive and at Nottingham Road and, although it is a bit of a way for people to walk, at least they can park for free all day.”

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