Police raid £2m cannabis factory
1:00pm Wed Nov 14, 2012
A cannabis factory containing around 3,000 plants has been discovered by police.
The operation at Langar Industrial Estate was capable of producing cannabis with an estimated street value of up to £2m.

Officers were called to the site, off Harby Road, at about 3pm on Tuesday of last week.

The factory has since been dismantled by police.

Other major successes this year in the fight against drugs included a cannabis factory at the former Unique Scrap Store, Newark, in February.

Sergeant Chris Jury, of Bingham Police, said: “When officers entered the unit they were met with the sight of thousands of plants.

“It was a professional set-up that involved the use of high-tech lighting and watering equipment and paraphernalia.”

Sergeant Jury said it would have cost of tens of thousands of pounds to set up.

Rooms within the metal-framed industrial unit had been built using wood and plastic sheeting to create a greenhouse-effect to aid the growth of the plants and contain the smell coming from them.

Sergeant Jury said there was an extraction system so the distinctive aroma from the plants didn’t carry far.

The electricity supply had been bypassed.

The plants were set out in various rooms, depending on their age, from very young plants in a nursery to others ready to be harvested.

Sergeant Jury said there was evidence of a previous crop and he believed the set up had been operating for months.

There appeared to be no evidence that people were living in the unit to tend the crop.

Sergeant Jury would not say whether the unit was let or owned, or how police came to raid it.

He said unlike the cannabis factory at Newark, it hadn’t been fortified against entry, and those involved were misguided if they thought their choice of a rural location would protect them.

“We have put a huge dint in the supply market and prevented huge quantities of cannabis from reaching the streets of Nottingham,” said Sergeant Jury.

“Places like Langar may be isolated in terms of location but they are heavily policed.

“Whether they grow cannabis in the city or in a rural area, they will be caught.

“As a force we are proud of this latest seizure.

“Police will act on any information about local criminality and I urge anyone with information about the illegal activity at Langar to call officers immediately.”

No one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Witnesses or anyone with information should call Nottinghamshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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