Power cuts after person shoots near overhead cables
11:15am Wed May 25, 2016
Western Power Distribution said damage caused to overhead cables had been caused by a firearm. Picture: Tarrytown.
Western Power Distribution said damage caused to overhead cables had been caused by a firearm. Picture: Tarrytown.
Helicopter patrols have been carried out after power cuts were believed to be caused by someone shooting at overhead cables with an air rifle.
Western Power Distribution has carried out helicopter patrols between Bingham and Hawton - passing over Caythorpe, Sibthorpe and Bottesford - following an incident which interrupted the power supply to the area on Wednesday of last week.

The helicopter, which spots problems on the high voltage overhead network, was able to pinpoint a damaged component which was consistent with having been caused by a firearm.

The incident has been reported to the police.

Repairs to the network were carried out but, since then, two further interruptions to electricity supplies have been caused to customers in the area and similar damage to the network has been identified.

Lives at risk

Eirian Llewellyn, Western Power's team manager for the area, said: “Power lines carry extremely high voltages and interfering with them in any way is potentially lethal.

"It can put at risk the lives of our engineers who have to repair and replace them if they have been left in an unsafe condition.

"Similarly, other innocent people can become victims if the lines are brought down.

“Such incidents can also be incredibly inconvenient for customers if they cause power cuts – especially for people relying on electricity for things like dialysis.

“Patrolling by helicopter to take a bird’s eye view, provides the fastest and most effective way to carry out checks on large sections of our network."

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: "“We were alerted yesterday (May 24) by Western Power Distribution to damage caused at a substation in Bowbridge Lane, New Balderton, Newark.

“Enquiries are on-going to ascertain exactly how the damage was caused but at this stage it appears the substation was struck by a projectile, most likely fired from an air rifle.

“We would urge anyone with information about this incident to get in touch to help us find the person responsible for this offence. Damaging an electricity substation is a mindless and dangerous act which also has the potential to impact on the electricity supply to many houses in the nearby area."

If you have information, call 101.

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