Pupils join parking initiative at school
2:08pm Mon Jan 09, 2017
Rebecca Cooke, a teacher and leader on the school council at Carnarvon primary, with some of the pupils who wear hi-vis jackets to help marshal traffic. 7122016LSP5-3
Rebecca Cooke, a teacher and leader on the school council at Carnarvon primary, with some of the pupils who wear hi-vis jackets to help marshal traffic. 7122016LSP5-3
Children at a primary school are helping to marshal vehicles around its entrance at busy times.
Pupils on the school council at Carnarvon Primary School, Bingham, wear hi-vis jackets to point motorists in the right direction.

Poor parking and manoeuvres around the school sparked a campaign by nearby resident Mrs Jules Langstaff.

She set up a Facebook group after suffering injuries while confronting a motorist who had blocked a gate near her home.

Mrs Langstaff, who has lived on Nursery Road for 33 years, posted pictures of poor parking and bad traffic on the Carnarvon School Parking and Traffic Crisis group’s Facebook page.

She said: “I’m aware that outside my house, around Carnarvon School, there is an awful lot going on. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“There are 500 pupils going to the school and parents trying to get their children there safely, so I decided to do something about it.”

Mrs Langstaff contacted Bingham town, Rushcliffe borough and Nottinghamshire county councils; the fire service; and police to discuss the issue.

“We are seeing the benefits of it,” she said. “We have had a traffic enforcement van and PCSOs, and children marshalling traffic.”

'We remind parents to park sensibly'

Mrs Langstaff said the town council’s groundsman cut back overgrown bushes and plants on a nearby footpath to encourage more children to walk to school.

She said she was planning to hold a public meeting to discuss progress with parents and residents.

School head Mr Jonathan Cunliffe said it was part of the school council’s remit to look at bad parking.

He said: “We want to work with neighbours and we ask our parents on a regular basis to park responsibly.

“We are happy to work with Mrs Langstaff and Bingham Town Council and we will try to do that.

“We remind parents through our newsletter to park sensibly and we have been in contact with the county council.”

Town councillor Mrs Alison Langford said at a council meeting housing developers and planners should consider school places in the future.

“The school is huge now and the catchment area is from the other side of town,” she said.

“It’s something that should have been looked at when the new estates were completed.

“It’s essential we don’t have more houses with no provision for education.”

Bingham’s county councillor, Mr Francis Purdue-Horan, said at the meeting more bollards could be put on paths near the school to stop people parking between them.

He said there was an indication from the county council that bollards already there might be too far apart.

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