Re-enactors take Newark Castle back to the days of King John
4:38pm Sat Jul 25, 2015
Military might from the 13th Century was portrayed in the grounds of Newark Castle this afternoon as re-enactors showed what life would have been like in the 13th Century.
Warriors fight during a tournament to find the best
Warriors fight during a tournament to find the best
The warriors came from all ranks of society - peasants, sergeants and knights - to put on a tournament to entertain King John, the Bishop of Lincoln and a large crowd who gathered to watch.

It was staged by members of Regia Anglorum, a well-known re-enactment society which prides itself on its authenticity.

The tournament was in the charge of Mr Gary Golding from Derby who has been a member for 25 years and took on the role of Lord Gerald de Ferriers.

"Tournaments like this would have been called to test the knights and would have been used as a recruitment process to see who were the bravest," he said.

The society was invited to the castle by Newark and Sherwood District Council as part of the events which will mark the 800th anniversary of the death of King John. He died in the castle on October 18 1216.

Newark Castle warden Floss Newman said that one of the first things she did when she was appointed last year was to visit the society when they were staging an event in Sherwood Forest and ask them if they would come to Newark.

"They have completely transformed the castle grounds and totally brought them to life," she said.

About 40 members of the society have set up a living history encampment to show how people would have lived, worked and eaten 800 years ago.

The event continues tomorrow with the camp opening to the public at 10am. The tournament gets underway at 3pm.

Simon Diment, who is playing the role of King John, said he hoped for good crowds again on the second day.

"It's good free entertainment and we would like them to come along to cheer for the good guy, boo the bad guy and applaud the champion," he said.

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