River death reasons unclear
0:00am Fri Oct 02, 2009
A man in a lot of pain who feared he had cancer drowned in the River Trent, an inquest was told on Wednesday.
Mr John Hade (75) known as Shaun, of Gopher Road, Newark, was found in the river on May 21. The assistant deputy coroner for Nottinghamshire, Mairin Casey, recorded an open verdict.

Mr Hade left his home that morning. At about 8.15am police were called to Mill Lane, Newark, where a body had been seen in the river.

Mr Hade was identified by his son, Mr Paul Hade.

The inquest heard that Mr John Hade had led an active life and had no significant health problems until January.

He started to suffer a lot of pain, including in his bladder, bowel and prostate. It resulted in him losing his appetite and, because of his symptoms, Mr Hade became increasingly worried he may have cancer.

Dr Zia Chaudry, of Nottingham City Hospital, said no cancer was found during a postmortem, but Mr Hade had symptoms including an enlarged prostate gland that would explain the pain.

He said the cause of death was drowning, not medical problems.

Mr Hade’s partner of more than 30 years, Delia Carlisle, said Mr Hade told his GP he thought he had cancer. After a test, a specialist explained to them that he did not.

Family members at the inquest raised concerns that, although tests had been carried out, the enlarged prostate was not diagnosed.

Mairin Casey said: “We know now that there was no cancer for Shaun, but the symptoms left him feeling there was a big problem. He was in pain.

“About a month before he died, the doctors put him on anti-depressants, of which he took three but he complained of stomach pain.”

She said that a second attempt to get Mr Hade to take anti-depressants failed.

The day before his death, he had what is believed to have been a panic attack.

Mairin Casey said that at this point Mr Hade said he was going to throw himself off a roof.

Delia Carlisle said he had never before said he wanted to take his own life.

On the day Mr Hade was found, Delia Carlisle checked on him at about 7am.

He was awake and his bed sheets were pulled up to his neck. She said this could have been because he was fully dressed.

When she returned at 9am, he was not there.

She saw that he had left his keys, wallet and tobacco at home. She said they often walked near the river and it was not unusual for him to walk there.

In her conclusion, Mairin Casey said: “Although he was obviously very troubled, Shaun Hade did not leave any note for any of his family members.

“Walking in that area was something he routinely did. It may have been an unobserved accident. Nobody quite knows how he came to be in the water.”

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