Robert Jenrick urged to make clear his stance on fracking
9:30am Fri Jan 02, 2015
An anti-fracking group has voiced its concern at the Infrastructure Bill that is being considered by Parliament.
Robert Jenrick
Robert Jenrick
Frack Free Notts believes it could pose a threat to publicly-owned green spaces and private land in Nottinghamshire.

The bill is aimed at making it easier for companies to carry out fracking (hydraulic fracturing) — drilling for shale gas by directing a high-pressure water mixer at rock to fracture it and release the gas.

The group asked Newark MP Mr Robert Jenrick, who is on the committee looking at the bill, to make clear his stance.

Mr Jenrick said he supported fracking exploration because it involved a natural resource and could create jobs.

He said: “It would be irresponsible not to pursue homegrown sources of energy.

“We have already seen the positives of fracking in the US, with a drop in oil and energy prices.”

Mr Jenrick said the bill would put in place a regulated framework to make it easier for companies to develop fracking.

But he said: “As a member of the committee, it is my job to reassure people who are worried about fracking and to put those views forward in the committee meetings.”

Mr Jenrick said as well as fracking, efforts should continue to provide renewable energy locally through windfarms and solar panels.

Anti-frackers said health risks from fracking included water pollution from the gas released from the rock and earth tremors from drilling.

Mr Greg Hewitt, a member of Frack Free Notts, said: “We have only a few months to stop this bill.

“We would like MPs to throw out this dangerous legislation.

“We call on MPs to bring amendments to stop these proposals for fracking within the Infrastructure Bill.”

The purpose of the bill is to improve how the Government funds, plans and maintains infrastructure across the country.

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