Royal protection for public places
2:37pm Wed Feb 27, 2013
Four of Southwell’s open spaces are set to be dedicated to the Queen in recognition of her Diamond Jubilee and to protect them for the future.
Southwell Town Council agreed to put the Centenary Sports Ground, Froggatt’s Field, the War Memorial Recreation Ground and the Burgage forward for the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge.

The Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge aims to protect outdoor recreational spaces and facilities permanently against sale and development and ensure public access.

Successful sites will be given a royal oak tree to plant and a plaque in recognition of the land’s dedication to the Queen.

Mrs Beryl Prentice, the chairman of the town council, said the scheme seemed a sensible way of protecting the land and would also help groups and organisations when applying for funding.

She said: “We maintain ownership and we do not need to change the name of the land.”

Mr Peter Harris said the present council was committed to preserving green spaces in the town but its successors may not be.

He said: “This will bind our successor councillors to keeping these open spaces.”

Mr Harris thought it was important that the open spaces retained their names, especially the Centenary Sports Ground, which was named to mark Southwell Town Council’s 100th anniversary in 1989.

Mrs Charley Pierpoint asked if the skatepark on Nottingham Road could be included.

She said: “If we lose the skatepark there is nothing else for young people to do.”

Mr Harris did not think it was a good idea to include that land.

He said: “We haven’t got any plans for development of the land in the future but that is the parcel we are most likely to consider developing to set up some sheltered housing or something like that for the benefit of the town.”

The council agreed not to put the skatepark forward but to submit the other four sites for consideration.

It also agreed to contact Nottinghamshire County Council to ask it to consider putting Harvey’s Field and Minster Fields, which it owns, forward for the scheme.

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