Rugby club needs demolition volunteers
12:00pm Sun Mar 19, 2017
Project manager Mr David Pick wants members to help with demolition work at Newark Rugby Club.
Project manager Mr David Pick wants members to help with demolition work at Newark Rugby Club.
Newark Rugby Club wants its members to help demolish internal parts of the clubhouse.
Fifteen to 20 members are needed to help rip out the old changing rooms, referees’ room, showering areas and committee room.

The work, which will also include removal of ceilings, walls and floors down to ground level, is needed as the club is replacing its clubhouse as part of a £1.2m redevelopment project.

Phase one began last year. New changing facilities for players and referees are being provided in a new building due for completion in June.

Phase two involves the demolition work by members and the building of new toilets, offices, a shop and meeting rooms.

Phase three, the final phase, will start in April 2018, and will see the existing clubhouse replaced with a larger facility.

Project manager Mr David Pick, a member of the club, said: “I am hoping to get enough people to help from April 10 through to April 28. The construction company start in May so it needs to be down.

“Hopefully we will have people who will be able to offer a bit of time here or there. It makes it a lot easier when you have a number of members working on it.

“We are pleased with how the work is progressing. Most of our work won’t impact on the club as it’s taking place out of season.”

The project has so far attracted a £295,000 grant from the National Lottery, via Sport England, and a £100,000 loan from the Rugby Football Union.

A £49,660 grant from landfill tax organisation Wren was announced last month.

A Building Our Future fund within the club has contributed more than £200,000.

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