Sconce park damage causes concern
4:23pm Wed Nov 14, 2012
Concerns have been raised about the condition of Newark’s Sconce and Devon Park after it was used for a fireworks display.
Earth was churned up and the remains of a bonfire were left at the park, after the display organised by Newark Fire Station in aid of The Fire Fighters Charity.

Mr Nick Judson, of Valley Prospect, said the park — where £1.6m of improvements were undertaken by Newark and Sherwood District Council — was now in a poor condition.

He said: “Not being a killjoy and having no objection to a bonfire night celebration, surely appropriate precautions should have been taken to avoid the large muddy grooves left by the vehicles used to transport pallets for the bonfire.

“There had been a period of wet weather and it was obvious to anyone with an ounce of common sense that vehicles would sink into the field.

“Pallets are not heavy and could have been transported manually from the roadside. There was no need to drive across the field.

“In addition, the fence that was uprooted to provide access to the vehicles was thrown on to the side next to the hedge. There is still a huge pile of ash and rubbish left.”

He said pieces of wire were also scattered about the park.

“Let’s hope children or animals who widely use the park are not injured. I would have expected such debris to have been collected the morning after the event,” Mr Judson said.

Mr Judson said the park had previously received a Green Flag Award in recognition of its facilities, maintenance standards and opportunities for community involvement.

He said: “If Newark and Sherwood wish to proclaim the Green Flag Award and justify the spending of so much money on the park, they really need to ensure that more care is taken to protect it.”

The district council’s parks and amenities business manager, Mr Phil Beard, said they would be repairing the grass in the near future, and that the council was committed to maintaining high standards at the park.

He said: “We have met the fire service and have said that next year they will need to provide trackway to protect the ground and reduce damage to the grass.”

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