Seventy-four homes planned for Southwell
8:00am Fri Feb 17, 2017
A development of 74 houses and apartments could be built on agricultural land in Southwell, if plans are approved.
An outline planning application has been submitted for land at the junction of Halam Road and Allenby Road.

It also includes open space, a pond area, and 148 carpark spaces, which will be on a parking court to prevent cars becoming a prominent feature on the streets.

The applicant is Sir John Starkey, of Norwood Park, who owns the land.

He said: “This is an outline planning application that represents a mixture of dwellings. It includes a gateway feature building, similar to Moorfield Court, on the entrance to the development.

“This will accommodate smaller families and retired people.”

Sir John said he had taken into consideration Southwell Neighbourhood Plan, which says development proposals for 11 or more dwellings on greenfield sites will be required to deliver a mix of housing in the town.

The neighbourhood plan states the site off Allenby Road, which has been allocated for residential development, should provide for around 65 homes.

“We are trying to meet the requirements of the local councils as well as the neighbourhood plan in order to seek approval,” Sir John said.

“It has been a long wait to put the application in because of the flooding in recent years in the town and we have waited for local flood models to arrive back.”

No direct risk from flooding

A flood risk and sustainable drainage assessment has been carried out, which found the site did not have any direct risk from flooding.

Most of the homes would be two-storey in accordance with the neighbourhood plan, however, the gateway feature building on the corner would contain three-storey apartments to fulfil the need set out in Newark and Sherwood District Council’s core housing strategy.

This will provide accommodation for elderly people.

The application statement says: “The housing mix on the site, therefore, leads to a higher number of dwellings than shown in the neighbourhood plan, but as the application is in outline form, supported by an illustrative plan, this is an element of the development that can adjusted at the approval details stage.”

Under the proposal, a T-junction would be created off Halam Road, which would allow access into the development.

The application will be decided by the district council.

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