Wind farm blamed for house sale failure
2:09pm Fri Dec 06, 2013
A villager says the sale of her property fell through because of a proposed wind farm.
Mrs Jo Fagan, of Stubton, accepted an offer on her house only later to be told in a letter from the estate agents that the buyer was no longer interested because he had learned of RWE npower Renewables’ plans to build five 126.5-metre turbines at Temple Hill between Stubton and Brandon.

The letter to Mrs Fagan said: “The reason for withdrawing the offer is the proposed wind turbines in the vicinity.

“The buyer was advised by his solicitor that in his opinion the turbines would impact on both the market value and saleability of the property.”

Mrs Fagan said: “I attended an exhibition put on by the developer where I asked them about the impact of wind farms on house prices.

“I was assured there was no evidence that wind farms affected house prices.

“This letter was a bolt from the blue. My agent was quite clear that it was the threat of the wind farm that had caused the buyer to withdraw and no price negotiation would be entered into.”

The MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham, Mr Stephen Phillips, and House of Lords member Lord Radice, have written to the planning authority, South Kesteven District Council opposing the turbines.

Mr Phillips raised concerns about whether there had been adequate consultation, the impact on the area’s heritage and environment and the size of the turbines.

Lord Radice said the proposal would drastically alter the landscape, was “grossly inappropriate for a highly attractive rural area” and was too close to villages.

Sarah Lee, RWE npower developer for Temple Hill, said: “We believe we have submitted a comprehensive planning application to South Kesteven District Council.

“This includes the results of our extensive environmental and ecological studies at the site of the proposed wind farm.

“These studies include bird surveys, visual impact assessments, ground works, background noise surveys, and assessments of historical buildings and monuments in the area, to name but a few.

“It is now for the council’s planning committee to decide whether the proposed wind farm should receive planning consent.”

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