Original Bramley apple tree claims runner-up prize
10:10am Tue Dec 20, 2016
The original Bramely apple tree finishes runner-up in the Tree of the Year competition for England.
The original Bramely apple tree finishes runner-up in the Tree of the Year competition for England.
The original Bramley apple tree is set to receive a £500 grant after being named the England Tree of the Year runner-up.
The tree, known as the mother of the Bramley apple, now dying from a fungal disease, will benefit from a £500 grant after finishing third in in the contest to crown England’s ‘Tree of the Year.'

Planted from a pip over 200 years ago in a Southwell garden, around 50 years later it was owned by local butcher called Matthew Bramley.

He gave permission for a nursery to grow cuttings from the tree provided they were in his name and a legend was born. Sadly the tree now suffers from an incurable honey fungus.

The public were able to choose from 10 trees across England, with the winner, the Sycamore Gap tree in Northumberland, going forward to the European Tree of the Year competition in early 2017.

Any tree receiving more than 1,000 votes received a grant of £500 from the Woodland Trust and the Original Bramley apple secured a total of 1,654.

The grant can be used to arrange a health check from an arboriculturalist, provide interpretation or educational materials or simply just hold a celebratory event in honour of the tree.

A panel of experts in each country whittled down nearly 200 public nominations to create shortlists based on the nominees’ story, and how they would make use of the grant and visual appeal of the tree. Ten trees were chosen in England and six in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Beccy Speight, Woodland Trust chief executive, said: “Trees like the original Bramley apple have stood for hundreds, if not thousands, of years and each will have a special place in people's lives.

"By celebrating them and reminding people of their value we hope to support and influence those who can ensure they continue to thrive for future generations.”

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