Adam Kettleborough ready for ring return
8:00am Sun Jan 08, 2017
Adam Kettleborough.
Adam Kettleborough.
Boxer Adam Kettleborough is eyeing a return to the ring after undergoing an operation to improve his health.
The 30-year-old, of Newark, had his tonsils removed in December to prevent an ongoing problem with infections.

“Whenever I was preparing for a big eight or ten-round fight then I would always find myself coming down with something which made it difficult to train how I wanted,” Kettleborough said.

“There were occasions where I had to pull out of fights and it was becoming a bit of a nightmare.

“It wasn’t just affecting my boxing, but also my family life and my work life.”

Earlier this year, Kettleborough had considered retiring from the sport after consecutive defeats to Matty Fagan and Robbie Barrett.

“My heart wasn’t really in it because of all the problems preparing for it,” Kettleborough said.

He is due to make his comeback with a lightweight bout at the Harvey Hadden Stadium on March 11. His opponent is still to be confirmed.

Kettleborough said it had been a huge help consulting his promoter and former professional Carl Greaves, who had an operation to deal with an identical problem during his boxing career.

“I was always getting infections and colds but once I had them removed I started seeing the difference in performance,” Greaves said.

“Even when he was winning his fights you could tell he wasn’t quite at his best and I’m hopeful this will do him the world of good and kickstart his career.”

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