Boxing clever at new gym for professionals
4:09pm Wed Jul 10, 2013
Young fighters now have the chance to progress through the amateur ranks and become full-time professional sportsmen at a gym in Newark.
DEAN SUGDEN is pictured, second from right, with Fergus Taylor, Regis Sugden and Chad Sugden. 240613AM5-4
DEAN SUGDEN is pictured, second from right, with Fergus Taylor, Regis Sugden and Chad Sugden. 240613AM5-4
Dean Sugden, who also runs Newark Martial Arts (NMA), has opened Suggys Gym, which caters for professional fighters from the Newark area.

The idea is that youngsters can join NMA, progress through the youth and amateur ranks, and then turn professional fighting out of Suggys Gym — remaining in Newark through the whole process.

The new gym, which is situated at NMA, Castlegate, includes more training-specific equipment and will offer sports therapists, sports scientists and nutritionists to provide expertise for professional fighters.

Three professional fighters represent the gym — Chad Sugden, Regis Sugden and Fergus Taylor — and Nottingham-based Newark fighter Marcin Wrzosek also trains with Dean Sugden.

Sugden said: “There are a lot of aspects that make being a professional fighter different from being an amateur.

“We want to cater for pros as well now as there are fighters coming through the system.

“Once you turn professional, you need to think about specific areas such as nutrition, training, recovery and avoiding injuries, which NMA couldn’t cater for.

“Suggys Gym will help professional fighters with their lifestyle.

“It means youngsters who join NMA can develop here and remain local even as professionals.

“We are providing a pathway for young fighters that is unique to Newark.”

One of the sports physiotherapists at Suggys Gym is Ian Andrews, who has worked extensively with the British Lions rugby union team.

Sugden said: “We have also got specialist training equipment such as an altitude machine, which allows fighters to train as though they were between 8,000ft and 16,000ft.

"There are grappling dummies, mixed martial arts equipment and the chance to train on the cage wall.

"Hopefully in a few years someone who has been fighting at the gym all their life will become a World Champion in Boxing and Cage Fighting alongside our very own and first professional World Kickboxing Champion Chad "2 Slick" Sugden.

"Success breads success and Chad is flying.

"He is so well placed to become a Global Super Star in the world of K-1. I believe we can replicate Chads success in the world of boxing and Cage Fighting if we show the same desire and determination towards that goal."

The only other gym for professional fighters in Newark is provided by boxing promoter and coach Carl Greaves.

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