Fencing pair set for youth championships
8:33am Sat Mar 22, 2014
Two promising fencers won the right to represent the East Midlands at the British Youth Championships by finishing first and second in the qualifying round at Mansfield.
SUCCESSFUL FENCERS: Edmund Howlett, left, and James Walton.
SUCCESSFUL FENCERS: Edmund Howlett, left, and James Walton.
Edmund Howlett, of Farndon, who trains with Fernwood Sword Club and A&C Sword Club, Nottingham, won gold in the boys’ under-14 foil to take his fourth East Midlands championship title in a row.

After a tense 2-1 win in his first poule match over his A&C sparring partner, James Rutherford, of Bingham, Howlett fought his way to the final with a mixture of marching attacks, counter-attacks, flick-hits and disengages.

He then beat Rutherford in the final to clinch the gold. Howlett’s final tally in the competition was 57 hits made to five received.

Fernwood Sword Club’s James Walton also performed well to win a bronze medal in the boys’ under-14 foil.

In his first year in the competition, Walton beat everyone in the poule except Howlett and Rutherford. He then fought his way through to the semi-finals, where he was beaten by the more experienced Rutherford.

Walton’s achievement was made all the greater as he was fencing with an ankle injury that caused him to pull out of the boys’ under-14 epee qualifiers on the same day.

Howlett and Walton’s results means they will fence in the British Championships at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield on May 4.

Ralph Reader-Sullivan, also of Fernwood Sword Club, was sixth in the boys’ under-16 Sabre.

Mixed results in the poule meant he faced a difficult path in the knockout stages and lost to the silver medal winner.

It has been a successful season for Reader-Sullivan, who won bronze in the East Midlands Intermediate Sabre Championships earlier this year.

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