Cook takes care with the calories
11:20am Mon Apr 23, 2012
When café owner Kevin Peck joined his local Slimming World group he was so impressed he decided to include some of the recipes on his menu for others to try.
Mr Peck, of Feeling Peckish, Castlegate, Newark, has lost 11/2 stone in just eight weeks and hopes to lose a further stone.

He said consultant Dawn Hockenhull made him feel at ease when he joined the group and she explained the food-optimising plan, which allows unlimited amounts of some foods and treats others as sins — although slimmers are allowed up to 15 sins a day.

Mr Peck said: “I realised that the menu at Feeling Peckish could easily be adapted to include a range of dishes that my fellow members could enjoy without ruining their weight-loss journey.”

He set to work using Slimming World recipes, and some of his own, to produce a range of main courses, desserts and cakes that slimmers can eat while keeping to their eating plan. They include beef stew with mustard mash, chicken hotpot and even a fried breakfast.

“It really was quite simple to change the way we cooked dishes without compromising on taste, quality or quantity,” Mr Peck said.

Dawn, who runs classes at Bishop Alexander School, Newark, on Tuesday evenings and a Wednesday morning class at Newark Working Men’s Club, said: “When Kevin told me he wanted to provide this service to our members I was overjoyed.

“Eating out can be a problem to anyone wanting to lose weight and although Slimming World members can enjoy roast dinners, curries, pasta dishes and fish and chips, these are often not available on menus using, for example, low-fat ingredients.

“Feeling Peckish has changed all this.”

Mr Peck is offering a 10% discount to Slimming World members on production of their membership card.

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