Anniversary memories

Pam Doroszenko
PAM DOROSZENKO June 21 Our 12th Anniversary In loving memory. Your loving husband David Edward xxx
Printed June 23, 2016
Anniversary memories

George Knight
KNIGHT George. Thinking of you on what would have been our Diamond Wedding anniversary. We gave our vows at Southwell Minster, on March 12, 1955, to love and cherish, as we have done for the past 59 years. Love and miss you my darling husband. Christine. xx.
Printed March 12, 2015
Anniversary memories

Debra Jane Sullivan
SULLIVAN Debra Jane. December 10. Well my love, we had the best there was, we loved each other so deep, we bared our souls to one another. You played a major part in my life, I won't ever forget you and I thank you for that. We will meet again, it was a pleasure walking through this life with you my wife, I'll never let go. Michael. xxx.
Printed December 11, 2014
Anniversary memories

Christine Nicholson
CHRISTINE NICHOLSON Today is our 50th anniversary, One we cannot share, Deep in my heart, You are always there. Love and miss you always, Loving husband, Pete. xxx. Mum, thinking of you always, But especially today, On what would have been, Your 50th Anniversary. Love, from your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. xxx.
Printed February 27, 2014
Anniversary memories

Harold Hurstfield
HURSTFIELD Harold, passed away December 8, 2012. Sixty special years, our Diamond wedding, October 3. Darling, our special day we cannot share, But in my heart you are always there. Love and miss you so much. "D". xx.
Printed October 3, 2013
Anniversary memories

Sandra Kinsella
Sandra Kinsella. Happy Anniversary Darling, 05/10/12. Wish you were here to share today with me. Love you loads. Zed. xxx.
Printed October 4, 2012
Anniversary memories

Tony Marquis Bryan
BRYAN Tony Marquis. Recalling treasured, precious memories of our Wedding Day, June 24, 1972. "Gone yet not forgotten, although we are apart. Your spirit lives within me, forever in my heart." God bless my love. Ever yours, Carol. xx.
Printed June 21, 2012
Anniversary memories

Mark W Adams
ADAMS Mark W. March 23. Even in the darkest days, Since we've been apart, Memories of the times we shared, Help to warm my heart. Every day I miss the smile, That no one can replace, But still it brings me comfort, In the sadness that I face. Life is full of mysteries, That no one can explain, But I know someday, somewhere, Until we meet again. Until we do I'll find the strength, To live through each new day, Grateful for the happy years, Before you went away. Happy Anniversary. From your loving wife Mandy. xxx.
Printed March 22, 2012
Anniversary memories

Lucy Harrison
HARRISON Lucy. Remembering our Wedding Day, September 9, 1950. Miss you always. Love, Derek.
Printed September 15, 2011
Anniversary memories

Mark Adams
ADAMS Mark. March 23. They say there are no tears in Heaven, But that must be wrong today, Because you took part of my broken heart, When you went away. I know my tears must have followed you, How else can it be? My spirit feels broken, Because you are no longer here with me. I cried to the Heavens, my tears fell like rain, So I know my tears must be in Heaven, Things will never be the same. They say some day I will accept your passing, But, right now that can't be true, Because part of me is in Heaven, My tears..... followed you... Your loving wife, Mandy. xxx.
Printed March 24, 2011
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