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Debbie Sullivan

SULLIVAN The late Debbie. A social gathering is to be held at the Wheatsheaf Pub, on April 11, at 5pm. Family, friends and those who knew Debbie are welcome. Casual dress please.
Printed on 28th Mar 2013

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- Debbie Sullivan - Printed 15th Nov 2012
SULLIVAN On October 26, 2012, Debbie, aged 46. After a short illness, Debbie passed away peacefully at home. After a service by Father Michael O'Donoghue, she was cremated at Ollerton, on November 8, 2012. Thanks to all concerned. My Debbie. You were the best human being I'd ever knew, Our love between us grew and grew. It's been a pleasure walking through life with you. Always number one, I told you so, Your Michael will never let you go. Your devastated husband Michael. xxx.
- Debbie Sullivan - Printed 9th Jan 2014
SULLIVAN Debbie. January 2. You were my love, my wife, soulmate and life. We will be together again my love. I've never felt so alone. Husband Michael. xxx. PS. I'll never let go.
- Debbie Sullivan - Printed 24th Oct 2013
SULLIVAN Debbie. October 26, 2012. A year has passed since I saw you last. You gave me a lot in life, my friend, soulmate and wife. I've kept my pledge as I told you so, I'll never forget you and never let go. It's been a pleasure walking through life with you so. Heartbroken husband Michael. xxx.
- Debbie Sullivan - Printed 15th Nov 2012
SULLIVAN On October 26, 2012, Debbie. Our colourful, bright, courageous friend, you will be deeply missed. Love, Simon and Lynda.
- Debra Sullivan - Printed 8th Jan 2015
SULLIVAN Debra. January 2. Well my love it's your birthday on the 2nd January. It's so lonely without you but I have good memories left of us. I think of you each and every day, I'll always love you and no-one can take that away. I miss you. Love, your Michael. xxx.
- Debra Jane Sullivan - Printed 11th Dec 2014
SULLIVAN Debra Jane. December 10. Well my love, we had the best there was, we loved each other so deep, we bared our souls to one another. You played a major part in my life, I won't ever forget you and I thank you for that. We will meet again, it was a pleasure walking through this life with you my wife, I'll never let go. Michael. xxx.
- Debra Sullivan - Printed 23rd Oct 2014
SULLIVAN Debra. October 26, 2012. Two years have passed since we were one, I long to be with you to say 'I love you too'. You were my life, best friend, soulmate and wife. I've never let go and never will. We will be together again. I miss you everyday. Always, Michael. P.S. I've kept my pledge. xxx.


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