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Dorothy Tivey

TIVEY Dorothy. August 5. Thinking of you on your birthday as always. Love forever from son Michael, Kath and family.
Printed on 30th Jul 2010

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- Dorothy Tivey - Printed 3rd Jan 2013
TIVEY Dorothy. January 4, 2009. Missing you is easy, We do it every day, Missing you is a heartache, That never goes away. Loving daughters Sue, Angie, Dot and son David. xxx.
- Dorothy Tivey - Printed 2nd Aug 2012
TIVEY Dorothy. August 5. Time, love and memories linger on, It's still hard to face that you have gone, The heartache remains, the pain lingers on, But in our hearts, you're never gone. Loved and missed deeply. Loving daughters Sue, Angie and Dot. xxx.
- Dorothy Tivey - Printed 15th Mar 2012
TIVEY Dorothy. To our wonderful mum, on her special day, Loved and remembered, in every way. Loving daughters, Sue, Angie and Dot. xxx.
- Dorothy Tivey - Printed 5th Jan 2012
TIVEY Dorothy. January 4, 2009. We sat beside your bedside, Our hearts were crushed and sore, We did what we could to make you well, Till we could do no more, With tears we watched you sinking, We saw you fade away, And though our hearts were breaking, We knew you could not stay. Loving daughters Susan, Angie and Dot. xx.
- Dorothy Tivey - Printed 4th Aug 2011
TIVEY Dorothy. August 5. Special mum. Another birthday, another year, Still lots of heartache and silent tears, Memories and love still drive us on, Some days we are weak, some days we are strong, But whatever the day, we think of you, And all the happy memories shine through. Never forgotten. Loving daughters, Sue, Angie, Dot and Sandra. xxx.
- Dorothy Tivey - Printed 31th Mar 2011
TIVEY Dorothy. Memory is a lovely lane, Where hearts are ever true, A lane we often travel down, Because it leads to you. We can't have the old days back, When we were all together, But secret tears and loving thoughts, Will be with us forever. Loving daughters, Sandra, Susan, Dot and Angie. xxx.
- Dorothy Tivey - Printed 30th Dec 2010
TIVEY Dorothy. January 4, 2009. How constantly we think of you, With hearts and eyes that fill, The love in life we had for you, In death grows stronger still. Let the winds of love blow softly, And whisper for you to hear, We love and miss you sadly Mum, As it draws another year. Loving daughters Sandra, Sue, Angela and Dot and families.


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