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Maurice Mabbott

A MAN who worked at a butchers in The Arcade, Newark, after leaving school has died in Belgium, aged 86. Mr Maurice Mabbott, loving husband of Simone for more than 60 years, was born in Caunton. He was raised by his grandmother, Mrs Elizabeth Mabbott, and attended Caunton Church of England School. He was in the church choir. He joined The Home Guard for a time at the oil wells at Eakring. When he was 18 he joined the Royal Marines and served with them throughout the second world war. He died in Belgium on August 5.
Printed on 27th Aug 2010

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Mabbott, on August 5, 2010 in Belgium, Maurice aged 86.
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mabbott Margaret. May 24, 2007. In loving memory of a very dear mother. Parting comes and hearts are broken, Loved ones go with words unspoken, Life goes on, we know it's sad and glum, It's not the same without you Mum, Each of us in our own way, Have special thoughts of you today, No longer in our lives to share, But in our hearts you are always there. Nine years ago today, you were taken away from us. Heartbroken as if it was only yesterday. Words alone can never express how much we miss you. If memories bring us closer, we are never far apart, Because you are always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts. No matter how I spend my days, no matter what I do, Before I close my eyes at night, I always think of you, I hold you close within my heart and there you will remain, To walk with me throughout my life until we meet again. It's been a lonely nine years without you, we miss you more each day. Life is not the same for us, since you were called away. You left us beautiful memories, your love is still our guide, And although we cannot see you, you're always by our side. Years have passed so quickly but the pain still remains the same, We will love and miss you always, until we can hold your hand again. This tribute of mine should be written in gold, for a wonderful mother this world did hold, With tears in my eyes I whisper low "God bless you Mum, I loved you so". Your ever-loving son Peter and daughter-in-law Lilia xxx
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MABBOTT Margaret. May 24, 2007. In loving memory of a very dear mother. Another day another year, Loving thoughts and silent tears, A little prayer to keep in touch, With the Mum we love and miss so much. We miss you so much, and think of you everyday, The memories of you keep us strong, But what I would give to see you smile, to sit and talk with you awhile, However old however young The streets we walk are never long, And in between that small divide, our paths will meet side by side, Within the rain and heads held down, Pavements shimmer but not a sound, The doorways shelter all but you, While above us your love shines through. My heart still aches with sadness, The secret tears still flow, What it means to lose you Mum, No one will ever know. They say there is a reason, They say that time will heal, But neither time or reason will change the way I feel. For no one knows what heartache, that lies behind my smile, No one knows how many times, I've broken down and cried, I want to tell you something, so there won't be any doubt, That you are so wonderful to think of Mum, But so very hard to be without. Though your smile has gone forever, And your hand I can not reach or touch, We still have so many great memories, Of our Mum that we loved so much. It is true we all must pass away, When our time here on earth is done. And sadly though those left behind will mourn, They still must find the strength to carry on. Life is not the same without you Mum, You were so special and wonderful, With love always I remember you. With fondness I think of you, You are too precious to be forgotten, And too priceless to be ever replaced. You were unique and one in a million, You're dearly missed in many ways. Deep within my heart, there is a special place, Where nothing at all has changed, It's filled with precious memories of you, That could never fade away. I cherish them dearly and always will, For you were unforgetable to me. In our hearts you will forever stay, still loved, still remembered each and every day. Son Peter, daughter-in-law Lilia. xxx.


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